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Are you road legal? Are you prepared?

Have you thought about the road rules? If you obscure your registration plate and brake/indicator lights with your bike rack, then you do run the risk of being fined by the police - and it's not a small amount! We do sell brake light kits to avoid this risk. (click here)

Also, did you know you can get special 'bike rack' registration plates? Click below for a your local Roads Authority so you can order your registration plate in time for your bike rack to arrive.

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Downball Limits? Are you within them?

Do you know what your downball limit is? FYI - it's the total amount of vertical load that can be placed on your towbar. Before ordering your bike rack, make sure your vehicle can handle it. Here are some basics.

Your downball limit is often calculated at 10% of your vehicles towing capacity. Check the weight of our racks, and the weight of your bikes and ensure you stay well under this. Hitting bumps while driving will increase downward load on your towbar. Known as dynamic load. (hard to measure by how much - as it depends on how hard you hit them!

2 tips - stay well under the downball limit, and drive slow over bumps! This link may help. Click here>>

Getting the fit just right!

All vehicle are made slight differently, so before ordering your rack, ensure that it will work on your car. Recessed tow hitches on utes, or rear wheels on the back of 4WD's (as in this Pajero) require a modified hub assembly to suit.

To see the standard hub bracket spacing, click here>>.

Our racks fit 95% of cars without any modification, however if you are in doubt - send us a photo of your car and we'll advise you. If we need to modify - we charge a flat rate of $99 to make you a new hub bracket. Simple.

More Photos? PIC 1 | PIC 2 | PIC 3 | PIC 4 | PIC 5 | PIC 6

You've got to start somewhere!

Wildboar Bike Racks started 3 years ago - with a very common story. I was trying to find a bike rack that would suit my 29' downhill bike, my wifes 27" hybrid and also my kids then 16" - 26" BMX bikes. It was impossible.

So, out came the welder. 3 years on - this has now become a full time gig. With MANY design challenges along the way - I am are extremely proud of where we are now. Anyone who makes bike racks knows how complicated it can be to carry bikes of all different shapes and sizes, all whilst not touching to protect that investment. Our racks here in Torquay, Victoria. Which is great, yet it does presents cost challenges of making a product here in Australia, and competing against foreign imports.

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We've got your back!

Our racks are built tough, built for a purpose. To carry bikes over some of the toughest terrain. And we stand by them.

If you experience any structural issues using our bike racks when used for it's intended purpose - you are covered. Our 10 Year Structural Warranty means if you break it, it gets replaced. Simple.

NOTE: Rust spots/scratches and dents through use are not covered.

To view our full our full terms and conditions - click here. T&C's>>

Partnership with Afterpay

Wildboar Bike Racks are proud to annouce that we now offer Afterpay to our clients. You can have your bike rack now - and pay it over 6 weeks. Simple.

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