Freedom Rack by Wildboar

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Easy to use, with super quick load/unload system, the Freedom Rack is a the product of choice for bikers everywhere. Super tough construction, tilt option and a heavy duty hub bracket, this rack is designed to allow you to hit the trails, not your mates bike. Our new Freedom Rack gives you the freedom to choose what to carry. This rack suits mountain bikes, Road Bikes, Gravel Bikes, BMX and Kids Bikes. (with optional KIDS BIKE KIT)

Here are the racks features:

- Suit 16" to 29" mountain bikes

- Wheel widths up to 110mm

- 4 & 5 bike model

- Tilts to allow boot access

- Super fast load/unload with 25mm webbing and strong tie down system

- 65mm vertical tube and strong hub bracket provides a solid structure for your bike

- Fully powder coated with a poly zinc base coat and matt grey top coat for 2 layers of rust protection

- Stay road legal with our optional brake light indicator kit. (see view below)

- 10 year structural warranty

- Weights: 4 Bike Rack 27kgs. 5 Bike Rack 29 kgs

- Requires 50mm hitch

 Built in Torquay, Victoria, we are developing our bike racks all the time to make them the best we can. We welcome your visit to test our bike racks. I am sure you'll find it to be the comfiest ride for your bike.