Freedom Rack

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The Freedom Rack is exactly that. It gives you the freedom to choose which bike you want to carry. From 3, 4 or 5 bikes. Either mountain bike, fat bike, road bike or BMX and suiting wheel sizes from 16" to 29". Its your choice. 

Rack Features:

  • 3, 4 and 5 bike models available
  • 65mm Vertical bar to increase strength and reduce side to side wobble
  • Super heavy duty hub Bracket
  • Ability to tilt with tilt pin removed
  • Fully adjustable to allow handle bars to be staggered so bikes do not touch
  • Front Wheel sits vertically inside rack
  • Quick Release cleat for fast load/unload
  • Telescoping wheel supports to suit different size wheels
  • Optional Brake Light/ Indicator Kit (See video below)
  • Stainless Steel (304 Grade) wheel supports
  • Optional 'Kids Bike Kit' for 16 and 20" wheels 
  • Suits 50mm hitch only
  • Front Wheels are moved forwards/backwards in rack to prevent them from touching
  • Loading/unloading of bikes is from the rear