Caravan Mount

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Our bolt on Caravan Mount is used in conjunction with the 'Sidewinder' bike rack to create a solution to carry up to 4 bikes on your caravan. The simple bolt on mount is designed to sit in the centre of your draw bar. As each set up is slightly difference, this universal mount is designed to fit all set ups. Once the mount is bolted into place, you simply remove the hub bracket from your 'Sidewinder' Bike Rack, and slide the 50x50mm vertical tube into the caravan mount, and tighten the M16 bolts. Simple. 

Product Features:

  • Super heavy duty construction
  • Bolt on (no welding required)
  • Works on ANY van with space on the cross bar
  • Allows side to side tilt to expand van or open windows etc. 
  • 2 Slots in mount are designed to allow the Uni Strut to be adjusted to avoid clashing with other items on your cross bar.  
  • Powder Coated

IMPORTANT: We supply the van mount, and you supply the cross bars. We highly recommend slotted Uni Strut. This can be cut to size to suit your van.  (either by yourself, or your local metal merchant. (electrical supply stores carry Uni Strut)

Simply cut 2 lengths at full width to run across the top of the cross bar, and then cut 4 smaller lengths so you can bolt on the mount to the cross bar.  (see instructional video).  As per the product photos, you need to locate the bikes as far as possible to the van, and away from the vehicle. This is to avoid the rear wheel of bike clashing with the vehicle when performing tight turns. This style of van mount suits vehicles with a longer draw bar. This is due to the space required to fit the mount, and to not impede on the turning circle.