Wildboar Retail Partnership Program

We partner with selected retailers through Australia. To become one of these retailers, please complete the form below.

Click the link here>> Retail Partnership Application Form

How does it work?

Once approved to sell our product, our system is very simple.

Here is a breakdown for you:

Step 1 - Client buys rack in your store (with your recommendation/guidance) from the Wildboar website.

Step 2 - Payment is made directly to Wildboar through our website.

Step 3 - Your store is paid an agreed commission within 24 hours.

Step 4 - The bike rack is delivered directly to your store for your client to collect. Simple.

We approach the retailer/wholesaler partnership a little differently. We don't ask you to carry stock, or set up a credit account. We do encourage you to have a sample set up in store to better help your sales. Our bike racks and trolley combination make a great display to help sell the bike racks.